my babies

my babies

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

This year was a Mother's Day I would just as soon forget!  Poor Erica had such a horrible weekend!  Megan and I pitched in to help her all we could and her sweet husband took care of her!  Megan cooked us all a Mother's Day lunch of some great tacos and a fruit salad that was so good.  I love tacos!  And I love fruit!  Then I took the little girls home with me and we played and napped and played some more.  Erica, Blake, Megan and Thad all came over for supper and we just grilled hot dogs.  Erica did sit a t the table for a bit but then went to lay on the couch while we cleaned up.  I bathed the girls and they all went home to go to bed.  Blake took today off to be a housewife and I think he is as worn out as Erica!  A housewife has the hardest job in the world.  I don't care what anyone is never-ending and oh so thankless!!  Praise the Lord for a good housewife!  Erica said there was no way I was going to get a picture of her so I took some of the little girls for Mother's Day.  and on a rare (very) note I snuck in one or two!!

I love both of their dresses!!  Navy and white is one of my favorite combinations.

Such sweet girls and such sweet faces!!

Uh!  We are done posing Mimi.  Done! We say!!

C'mon little 'bout one with Mimi??

Savannah was only willing if I let her have her paci.  She loves that paci!!

I did manage to help my niece set up her nursery and sneak a few photos of her.  She is 22 weeks along and is really starting to show!

She is so happy!  She cannot wait for her baby!

When she gets the nursery all done I will share some of those photos as well.  Isn't she just the cutest?

Since I had the girls most of the weekend we played in some rain puddles and just got good and dirty.  I love playing outside.

I love jumping in muddy puddles!

But I don't want to get my skirt too wet!

She is so funny!

Mimi, I have mud on my hands!  Can you "watch" it off???

Thanks Mimi.  I just love this baby to pieces!!

Speaking of babies...she just loves babies too.  I think Erica is going to have a "big" helper!!

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