my babies

my babies

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Little Mommies

I have not been so good at posting photos of my niece's pregnancy as I was with Erica's first two babies.  I don't see her as often but I do see her about once or twice a week.  Saturday we went shopping for the day for her some baby furniture and just to look around.  I got her and Erica out in the yard to do some baby bump shots of these two sister/cousins!

These two girls are just 17 months apart and their babies will be just 10 weeks apart.

Erica is only 11 weeks and Brittany is 21 weeks.  You sure do show quicker with baby number three!!

Brittany just glows and is so excited to become a mommy to a sweet baby girl!

Erica is glowing too.  Even though she has had some pretty yucky days this time she is still such a pretty pregnant girl!!  I am just a little biased!

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