my babies

my babies

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Baby Progress!

I have not been able to get pictures each week with Brittany like I did with Erica the first two times and Erica has been so sick that she has forbid me to take any pictures of her.  I did finally get them together at Savannah's birthday party.  Erica is feeling so much better.  She still has to deal with this stint until she has the baby and gets tired really easy but she also has two toddlers and keeps a house and has a husband so....she gets tired!!  Bless her heart..I try to help her all I can and so does her sister, Megan.  Anyway, I took these photos of Brittany and Erica last Saturday when they were 24 weeks (Brittany) and 14 weeks (Erica).

Brittany is so funny!  She says she is getting bigger in her backside than her front side!!  Her little girl is growing leaps and bounds though....and jumping like a gymnast too!

Erica is only 10 weeks behind Brittany and is almost as big.  She is such a pretty pregnant lady!  Glad she is starting to feel better though.

Sweet cousins!  their babies will grow up together like they did and hopefully be great friends too!  I can't wait to get my hands on these two little babies!  Now I will be a Mimi and a Great Aunt!!  Rest home here I come!

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