my babies

my babies

Friday, May 9, 2014


Fake out!!  I am not going to ramble on about my uber-crush on Jack Bauer of 24.  Though I would love to meet him.  Jack Bauer not Keiffer Sutherland.  I am talking about my own personal past 24 hours.  I literally lived each hour.  When I got home from work on Thursday I had an appointment in downtown that I so wanted to skip but it was one of those "you gotta do it" things.  When I got done with that I flew home and changed my clothes and went over to Megan's for supper.  She is turning into a really great cook too by the way.  We ate and then we went looking for her cat, Gypsy, new kittens.  Megan had not seen her in a week and she was frantic to find them.  They have this old garage beside their house and I asked her if she had looked in there.  She said she had peeked in so I suggested we actually go in and nose around.  Megan walked in and bam...up pops Gypsy's head.  Yay!!  We found her and Megan went on back there over old tools and junk and sure as can be there were five little, bitty fuzzy kittens.  So cute and so sweet.  They thought a neighbors black and white cat was the daddy but nope.  Megan's big ole male the official baby daddy.  He sat back all proud and grinning.  She has three that look like him.  Tabby cats.  And one that is a pale orange and a calico.  So cute.  Megan and I fed her animals and then sat on her front porch and talked about flower beds and stuff.  I went home and took a bath.  Took off my make-up.  This play by play is seat clenching isn't it??  Are you biting your lips in anticipation?? I just put on my granny gown when my phone rang.  At the late hour of 9:41 too!  It was my poor little Erica.  She was crying and said, "Mom, I think I have a kidney stone."  On my way I said.  Blake was on third shift so he would have to meet us in the ER and Megan came over to Erica's to stay with the girls.  We got to the hospital at about 10:15.  The triage nurse said, "We got a girl doing the ole kidney stone shuffle."  A while later they took her back.  Done a couple of tests and put in an IV and by then my baby was in some serious pain.  She was vomiting just from pain alone.  So I had to whip out my "angry eyes" and get little Nurse Mary on some kind of drug run.  They gave her 1 mm of the equivalent of half a Bayer children's aspirin.  Since Erica is only 12 weeks pregnant she really could not have much.  So bless her heart she had to suffer.  And suffer she did.  By 2 in the morning she was sobbing from pain and exhaustion.  Blake was very upset so I had to get all Aurora Greenway from "Terms of Endearment" on them and start yelling, "Give my daughter the shot!!!!!"  I, of course, ended it with a sincere . "Thank you, Ma'am" afterwards.  It only helped her for about 15 minutes and then she was back to writhing and vomiting.  They ended up doing a transvaginal scan because she could not have a CT scan and they were hoping to maybe see the stones from that.  No such luck.  they did see that her right kidney was swollen and that her urethra tube was twisted so they elected to put in a stint at 4 in the morning.  I went to Erica's house and stayed with the girls so Megan could go home and I got up a couple of hour later to take them to my house.  Erica got to come home at lunch time and slept fairly well for the afternoon.  the girls and I played with play-dough, the baby pool, the sandbox, riding toys, chalk and managed to squeeze in 3 episodes of Peppa Pig.  Which if you have never watched...I highly recommend it because it is so cute and so funny.  I took them home and picked them up a pasta/pizza box from our local Pizza Hut and then I headed to Winston-Salem to help Brittany and Aaron pick up their nursery furniture.  My bog old honking SUV will haul about anything.  We loaded their furniture up in 3 cars and then zipped to High Point to set up her nursery for her sweet little one coming!!  I love baby stuff.  I stopped back by Erica's to check on her and now I am about to wash my face and put on my granny gown and go to bed.  My 24 is just about up!  I can't wait to get up tomorrow though...I am going to take the girls strawberry will follow!

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Tracy said...

I don't know what it is with pregnant women and kidney stones, I guess their bodies are in confusion and their kidneys just can't take it. Glad she is doing better, hopefully this is the only one, with summer coming make sure she drinks a lot of water, dehydration is one of the reasons for stones....