my babies

my babies

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday In The Park

Once again I have been MIA in blogland.  I honestly do not know where the time goes.  I am just way too busy and I need to just slow down and take a deep breath and stop being so busy.  Today I met Erica, Megan, Piper and Savannah at the park at a lake below our house.  It was a typical spring day in North Carolina.  Deceivingly warmish....lots of sunshine but the breeze was cool and the ground was cold.  Spring is just not my favorite season.  It is a trickster.  The girls were dressed for a warm spring day so I was glad the sun was shining!  Their Mimi on the other hand wore a jacket the whole time because I suppose I have no blood.  Or I am old.  The latter is probably the best choice.  We played on all the swings and slides and fished in the lake.  I baited their hooks since neither one will touch a worm.  Oh, we will be most definitely de-sissifying some little girls this summer.  We did not catch a fish nor even a nibble but we did have a lot of fun.  School will be out soon and I can't wait for lazy days.  Laying on quilts and watching the clouds.  Swimming.  Lightning bugs.  Tadpoles and baby frogs.  Summer is my time.  Spring just started and I am wishing my life away by calling on summer but these cool breezes just get me.  I did manage to take some pictures while the girls were swinging and sliding and fishing.  It was a fun day.

Savannah loves to swing.  She smiles the whole time.

Piper loves climbing the rock wall.  She does a good job too!

Savannah and mommy going down the big curvy slide!

Pipe is a "big girl" and can go all by herself with her hands in the air.

Piper singing and swinging!  Singing, "Let It Go" from Frozen for 127945 time.

Sweet Savannah.  I love those little chubby legs.  She is getting too big too fast.

Piper fishing for a little fish.

Savannah just wants to hold the pole.

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