my babies

my babies

Thursday, April 17, 2014


This past Sunday was Palm Sunday.  At our church we have the Tiny Tots perform a ten minute set of songs that is beyond precious.  They sing the same songs every year and I know them all by heart.  I am sure when Jesus comes back a herd of toddlers will be waving Palm Branches and singing, "Hosanna" to the top of their lungs.  So sweet.  Piper and Savannah were both in the performance and bless Savannah's heart...she lasted all of 45 seconds.  She is really just too young yet to be up on the stage with all these goofy parents and grandparents smiling like morons at them while they sing.  I might start squalling too!  After church all my kids and their spouses came to my house for a big Sunday lunch.  Blake's mom and sister were in for the weekend so they could see the girls and so of course they came too.  I love lots of people over for anything!  They enjoyed the church service and were excited to see the girls sing.  Blake's sister, Kayla, has a new baby herself.  His name is Levi and he is just six months old.  Little, he is not.  This boy is a chunker!  So sweet though.  He really is such a cutie-pie!  Piper and Savannah just loved all over him and Savannah was obsessed with giving him a naptime bottle.  Before we ate lunch everyone was gathered around the table for the blessing and my son in law Blake spoke up and said, "I have a quick question?"  I looked at him and said, "Sure, what do you need?"  Then...he asked Robin (his mom) and I how we felt about being Grandmothers again...WHAT!  I started screeching and Robin started hollering.  How would we feel????  We felt thrilled and excited and over the moon.  That's how we felt!  I am so excited that I cannot stand it.  So come November 24th or so we will have yet another little cousin to add to the mix.  My sweet niece, Brittany and her husband Aaron are going to reveal their baby's gender Easter Sunday to all of us after lunch and to say I am excited is to say the least.  There is another little cousin to add!!  So this Christmas we will have two more sweet babies to hold and coo over under the Christmas tree.  I adore babies and I cannot wait to get my hands on these two.  Being a grandmother is the best thing in the whole wide world!!  I love these babies so much and I am just so blessed beyond measure to have the Lord trust them to our family.  The small part I play in their lives is so precious to me and such an honor.  What an amazing blessing.

I tried to get a good photo of all three babies but needless to say....

Baby wrangling is a very underpaid job

Little Levi.  Such a sweetie.

Pretty Piper.  I did manage to get one of her where she was smiling and looking up and still.

Savannah?  I cannot seem to get her to even look towards me in a general direction.  But she too is as pretty as she can be.  I am so glad they love babies!!

When I asked Piper if she wanted a baby sister or a baby brother she said, "I don't."  I asked her again and she said, "I just want to keep Savannah."  So sweet!  They just love each other to pieces and so I know they will just adore whatever they get.

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