my babies

my babies

Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow, Love it or Not??

The big snow storm is over and I was so glad to see the sun today.  I have seen lots and lots of snow storms but never one that the snow fell so fast and so thick.  It was truly beautiful though.  Beautiful.  The falling of big fat wet flakes.  The silence all around.  The glitter of all the snow when the sun hit it this morning.  I filmed the snow falling some and I took some pictures.  My son in law had to work because he is a corporal for the sheriffs department so he brought Erica and the babies over for a old fashioned sleep-over.  We had a ball.  Erica and I took the girls outside to play in the snow.  Piper loved it and never wanted to come inside.  Savannah....not so much.  Let's just say we changed her name to Randy from "A Christmas Story".  If she could have said, "I can't put my arms down!!" she would have screamed it over and over.  She just likes the warmth and comfort of the house.  Poor baby.  So her Mimi brought her inside and watched the others outside the window.  Freezing.  Wet and snowy.  Savannah is smarter than most others!

A short video of the snow falling.

Piper making a "snow angel"

Savannah pulling back towards the house!

Savannah!  Don't you want to bundle up and play outside in the cold, cold snow with me???  Please!

No way Piper!  I can wear all of Mimi's jewelry and wear nuthin but my diaper.....y'all so crazy!

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