my babies

my babies

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Nervous and Excited...That's me

As of late I have been drawing a blank about writing anything.  I have been super busy with ....well, life.  I mean between, my family and my friends and my church activities and my job....I'm busy!!  Oh, if only that pesky job were not in the picture I could get way more stuff done!!  Ever feel like that??  I do have several things that are in the works though.  I am photographing my first wedding at the end of March.  I am a little nervous but excited.  It is a very small country wedding of some friends so they realize that I am an amateur.  Hope they don't expect super-fantastical shots!  It is cold and very not spring looking at an outdoor wedding in March!  The ladies group at my church is hosting another all day "Ladies Event" for our community.  We have awesome speakers and breakout sessions and plenty of worship music, food and fellowship planned.  It looks to be a great day.  I am leading one of the breakout sessions on Your Spiritual Gifts.  What are they, what do they mean and how can I use them for the Glory of God.  I am nervous but excited about this too.  I have also, with a very heavy heart, resigned as a teacher for my Sunday School class.  I love teaching and I love these ladies.  It is just time for me to move on and to be obedient to what the Lord has for me.  I truly have prayed about this and what the Lord would have me do.  I am nervous and excited about this new avenue for me too!  Not much else is going on but that is really plenty.  I am looking forward to spring time and warmer weather and longer days for sure.  I am excited about the future in a whole new way...and yes, I am excited but nervous about that too.  I just know and trust that God has got good things for me coming.  His plans are always good and He alone knows what they are.....and about that I am very nervous and very excited.

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Missy June said...

It sounds like you are in a season of change and new beginnings. Sounds like spring!