my babies

my babies

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Current Faves!!

Currently I have about a bazillion new favorite things.  So I though I would gift you with a list!  See how generous I can be!!!  Evidently, I just love exclamation points!!  See??!!

First up.  My favorite movie as of today.  Disney's "Frozen".  I took Piper to see it and we loved it.  We sing the songs all the time and we played Frozen in the snow we had last week.  It is such a cute and good little movie.

I think Piper asks me 20 times a day if I want to build a snowman!!

Second up.  Favorite cooking show.  Hands down it has got to be "Chopped" on the food network.  I have a super crush on Geoffrey Zakarien.

Third up.  Favorite current read.  The book of Hosea in the Bible.  We have been doing a Bible study at church by Reba Bowman on the book Hosea called "Return To Me."  Outstanding.
I don't have a video clip to insert but trust me people.  Outstanding.

This is the cover of the study book.  I just cannot say enough about this study.  So good!

Fourth up.  Favorite hobby.  Hands down.  Pinteresting.  I love looking at it.  Pinning on it.  Looking at other peoples boards.  The lists go on and on and on and on.  Forever!!!  I have found the best recipes.  The best photo poses.  The best quotes. The best hairstyle ideas.  Just the best of everything, everywhere!

And last but certainly not the least....Fifth up.  My current favorite song.  Now all my friends know when I hear a song on the radio that I love I say the exact same thing every time...."Oh, that is my favorite!!!"  According to Janet at work all songs are my favorite.  She thinks she is so funny....ha-ha-he-he Jan-et!  As of today my favorite song is this:

Is that not just beautiful??!!!  I love this song and every time it comes on and I am by myself, I sing and sing and let the tears just fall.  It is just that beautiful.

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Missy June said...

You have great taste!