my babies

my babies

Sunday, January 19, 2014

What is in a name?

I love picking out names.  I always look at a sweet pregnant little mommy to be and wonder...what is she going to name her baby??  The trend today for celebrities and the like are names that do not seem to make any sense.  At least to me.  What kind of name is Apple? North? And the endless stream of names that are to just draw some kind of attention.  Others spell names so differently that know one has any idea how to pronounce them.  Working in a school we see all kids of names and spellings.  Let me tell you...weird spelled names equals to preconceived notions of the child and the parents.  So if you name your child let's say, Jackson.  Spell it Jackson not Jaxun.  Not smart.  A precious young woman at my church is expecting baby number four and she is just glowing.  I asked her tonight if she was open to any suggestions and she smiled and said, "Always."  I adore her other childrens' names...Keenan, Ronan and Penelope.  Sweeties too..all of them.  So tonight I was digging up information on names and I thought I would look up meanings of names for my friends and how I thought their name fit them.  Names in the Bible were always attributed to the character of that person and seemed to always fit.

Kelley - lively aggressive warrior and defender.
 Let me tell you, back her in a corner and she will defend you like no other.

Angie - angel.
That she loyal and prays for you like no other.

Sandra - helper of humanity.
This fits her so completely.  She is a true blue helper all the way around.

Sherry - beloved.
I have two friends who are Sherry's and they are both truly beloved by their families and friends.  Both have seen brutal hardships and still are so precious and sweet.

Ellen - light.
She is a breath of fresh air to me and brings an awareness to the darkest of places.

Brenda - sword and little raven.
This she is.  Sharp, smart, quick thinking and one you want at your side.

Tracy - brave.
Perfect for her.  She is one of the most honest, tough and bravest women I know.  Tender underneath but one that I would always want on my team.

My own name means...are you ready for this..."moon goddess".  Read into it what you will.  I couldn't tell you how this relates to me at all but we can't all be right on the mark!

My daughter's names mean;

Erica -  honorable ruler
This she is.  Quiet but so steadfast

Megan - soft and gentle.
This she is.  Her spirit is tender, wise

My sweet grand babies;

Piper Olivia - flute player and peace.
She is expressive, dramatic, gentle and loving.  So eager to please.

Savannah Lilly - open field and flower of innocence, purity and beauty
She is free and funny and so pretty but with a breathtaking air about her.

I often wonder what Megan and Thad will name their children and if Blake and Erica have any more what names they will choose.  Their really is depth and meaning to our names but all that really truly matters is that God knows my name.  In heaven I will get a new name that He will give me and you can bet your life it will not be "Moon Goddess."

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Tracy said...

I found the correct definition for your name, someone who is beautiful and independent, shy around boys but when she has a man will love with all her heart, gets angry easy but is usually smiling. True friend and loves children... That's you....