my babies

my babies

Monday, January 27, 2014

A good place to be

Right now in my own life I am at a good place.  I can truly say that most days are filled with laughter, good conversations and wonderful fellowship.  Sure, I have down times but they are so brief and fleeting that they really do not count.  God is good, people.  He doesn't do good...He is good.  He is unable to be or do anything else.  When I look all around me and see all the blessings that I am graced with...I could just tear up with gratefulness.  Life is not perfect mind you.  But life is peaceful right now.  Tomorrow may bring something else that may rock my world but you know what???  It is really okay.  I am learning that this ride we live on called life is a river that runs rapid and wild and has occasional slow sections.  At times it almost stalls into pools that just swirl with sameness.  Then all of a sudden here comes a waterfall that just douses you and catches you by surprise with its coldness and shock value.  Then it settles down into a more manageable and gentle wave.  You just coast along while the water guides you down the path it has created ahead of you.  You can fight against.  But you will get nowhere.  You will just wear yourself out and still end up at the same spot...tired, exhausted and more than likely...angry.  When you allow the water to just take you it is amazing what you can see as you look around and just soak up what is all over the place.  God is the river in our lives.  And as He takes you down your own personal waterway you can fight Him or go with Him and allow Him to carry you.  When you pick a rock up off the dry, dusty ground it is usually rough and sharp and harsh.  But river rocks are smooth and sleek.  The water washes all that roughness, grit and sharpness away.  I love music and so dearly wish I could sing really good but I can't.  But I can listen to music and I can sing my head off when I am by myself.  One of the new songs that I just love is called "Unraveling" by Shelly Moore.  It is just beautiful.  To be unraveled from your former tight and snug place by the hands of God is a scary thing.  But it ever a good place to be.

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Tracy said...

what a great song