my babies

my babies

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Okay...I'm a big cry-baby

Last night I sat down after a very long day to watch some tv.  Seldom is there really anything on worth watching but Hallmark plays Christmas movies 24/7 during the Christmas season.  This was one I didn't care for.  So I clicked on over to ABCFamily to see what was on the 25 days of Christmas.  And to what to my wandering eyes should appear (name that poem!) but my favorite movie trilogy....Toy Story.  I adore the Toy Story movies.  They are funny, nostalgic and just delightful for kids and grown-ups alike.  As a child I was always convinced that my toys were secretly alive.  These movies confirm this totally.  I still have Megan's Buzz Lightyear downstairs.  He can still go to infinity and beyond by the way.  Slinky dog is great but it is Mr. Potato Head that kills me.  With each movie certain parts speak to me in ways that I can't really describe why.  In the first one I love the line that Sheriff Woody tells Potato Head to say good bye to the wife and tater tots.  I laugh every single time.  In the second one I cried for the first time watching a Toy Story movie.  When Cowgirl Jesse reveals to Woody why she wants to be locked away and be on display forever is because her little girl stopped loving her.

See???  I am crying right now.

But the killer is Toy Story 3.  No wonder it was nominated for Best Picture that year.  As far as I am concerned it should have won.  This scene kills me.

Kills me.  I am wailing right now.  When she walks in and sees Andy's room empty.  Well, there are just no words.  So yes, I am a great big cry-baby when it comes to little kid movies.  They are my favorites.  The Toy Story series is by far my favorite and I watch them every single time they come on.

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