my babies

my babies

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I had a conversation with a dear friend today who is going through some very trying times and some tough issues.  They vary from some serious health concerns for her and for her new son-in-law to family dynamics and...oh how they change!  Like me, she is a deep thinker and an over-thinker.  We both dissect problems and issues over and over in our heads.  We both like reasons for things and definite answers.  Even if they are not the answer we would choose or even like.  Lines in the sand so to speak.  Both of us have high expectations from people.  Especially people who state that they are Christians.  Neither she nor I are perfect by no means.  Especially me.....I do have my quirky ways and I let the Lord down multiple times each day.  But when someone is involved in your life and a part of your family you expect certain things, behaviors and treatment.  And when they let you down...over and over and over.  Well, it hurts.  It hurts a lot.  My friends' sister tells her to just expect nothing.  But people like my friend and me struggle with that.  I expect a lot out of my own family and close friends.  I expect them to at least want to do the right thing.  To try to do the right thing.  If they don't I expect some kind of effort.  I try very hard and so does my friend to make sure that the people in my life matter.  And that they know they matter.  It hurts when you think that people who claim to love you and to love God and His ways and yet continually treat you as if you do not matter.  I truly hope and pray that my family and my friends know I love them.  that I care about them and the things that touch their lives.  That I pray for them and what is going on in their lives.  I do not do this for any kind of benefit for myself.  I believe that this is God's desire for His children.  To love one another as He loves us!  When my friends hurt....well, I hurt for them.  I pray for them and I try to tell them that i am praying and that I care.  Why is that so hard!!!!  Honestly, it isn't hard at all.  It might take a tiny bit of effort but it is the least I can do for the people I say I love.  Bottom line....I expect my friends and family to expect that from me.  I am praying for my friend and her family.  She knows it.  She didn't have to ask me to either.  I would not have to ask her to pray for any need I may have.  As a believer I expect her to choose to do that just like she expects me too.  Life is too hard and too short to go around self absorbed and self-centered.  Look around your own home and your circle of friends.  I expect you just might find someone to pray for and to see what you can do for them.  Just knowing that you matter to someone means the world to people.

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