my babies

my babies

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Program

This past Sunday morning we had our Tiny Tots Children's Program at church.  My sweet grandaughter, Piper, was Mary.  I did film the whole nativity scene but since it is 12 minutes long I am only going to post two other short segments that have the children singing some songs.  Piper did fantastic!!!  She performed her role just like she has been practicing since around September.  When she and Joseph sat beside the manger Piper did hold onto baby Jesus and when the director motioned for her to place baby Jesus in the manger Piper just held him closer.  She never put her baby down.  She is just like her Mimi...I never put my babies down either!!  After the play Erica did ask Piper why she didn't put baby Jesus in the manger and she said there was already a baby Jesus in the bed and there was no room for my baby Jesus.  We had our adult cantata the night before and that Mary forgot her baby Jesus in the manger all night long!!!!  So Piper did the right thing by holding onto her baby.  Savannah was so cute too.  She was way down on the other side of the stage and I could not see her during their performances.  At one point she did see us and Erica whispered, "Don't make eye contact."  But I stole a peak at her and she smiled.  Such a little cutie-pie!

Here they are singing "Come On Ring Those Bells"

Another song by our little ones at church.  I just love the sweetness of these babies.  So pure and genuine.  They just want to please the Lord!!  And they did it with a lot of "joyful noise!"

Notice Piper has a tight grip on baby Jesus.

My heart was just so blessed by these precious little ones and I know that God was so pleased by them.  Unlike adults, they are not worried if they sound okay or if their veils fall off or their crowns are crooked or they stumble or forget words.  Children just do their best and leave it at that.  God only wants our best.  We are not perfect and these children were not perfect but God was Glorified and the story was told...perfectly.

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