my babies

my babies

Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Decorating....done?

Well I am still not done decorating my dining room for Christmas.  I need napkins, glasses and flatware on the table.  When I place all that I will be done....I think.  My kids wonder why I decorate so much and i truly do not know other than I just love it.  Erica and the girls came over tonight after ballet class and the girls took baths here and I got a chance to take their picture in front of one of my trees.  It have zero presents wrapped yet.  I am so behind in that department.  I love the photos on pinterest where they are very dark and just the lights of the tree illuminate the photo.  I really like artsy photography.  To me photography is an art form.  One that I am very passionate about.  I am forever more taking photos of things that speak to me.  I am working on some of different angles of my Christmas trees.  There are some parts I just love of these trees.  Hopefully by December 25th I will be done decorating and can actually sit back and sip coffee and enjoy all the twinkling lights and such!!  Then I can start taking it all down until next year!!!

My little sweeties in a few different shots.

Savannah was pointing out a bird to Piper.

I love Piper's little arm around her baby sisters' shoulder.  They are so sweet.

My little Christmas Angels....

I wish they could just stay this little.  Childhood just passes so fast.

I adore this owl in one of the trees in my living room.  Erica and Megan think she is creepy but I love her.

This is one shot of my tree before I moved it.  Thank goodness artificial trees slide easy on wood floors because I slid this one across the whole room and it didn't even lose one ornament!

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