my babies

my babies

Thursday, November 14, 2013


I really enjoy people watching and observing things.  Okay, okay...I am nosy.  I said it.  Nosy Rosy is my middle name.  I even walk down the beach and will alter my path to see what books people are reading.  I like to eavesdrop on conversations in stores, restaurants and grocery stores if they look interesting.  I could choose to not do this but.....I like it!  I like it a lot!!  So, since I have had so much going on lately that has given me ample time to "observe", this is what I have been seeing.

Yoga pants are not one size fits all and not really...pants

Leggings are also not pants

Pants should stay at a middle of the body spot...not around your thighs nor under your armpits

Pajamas are not clothes

Can y'all tell I broke my rule and went back to Walmart???  Well I did and now I am once again renewing my promise to not go there anymore...ever...ever...ever.  Now back to my list.

Little girl clothes are getting really cute again.

Little boy clothes are looking pretty good too

This has been the prettiest fall I have seen in several years.

I am falling in love with Christmas all over again

Smiling at people usually gets you a smile back

I could go on and on about all the stuff I see and hear but....who really cares??!!  The last one is my favorite.  I am trying to make an effort to be kind and smile at people I do not know.  To compliment complete strangers.  To be...well...kind.  Not nice, but kind.  Anyone can be nice but to be kind is a fruit of the spirit that I lack production of.  Kindness takes effort.  Real effort.  Because let's face it, we do not always want to be kind.  It cannot be faked.  Niceness can be faked.  So as the autumn season starts winding down and winter comes blasting in, take the time to observe the people you see and be kind to them.  Everyone needs a smile.  An acknowledgment that someone sees them.  Let's be kind to one another.  We all need it.

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Tracy said...

I'm Nosy Rosy's cousin Curious Caren, I love to listen to other peoples conversations too...