my babies

my babies

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

I got the treat of going out last night and trick-or-treating with my two little grand daughters.  It was so much fun!!  Savannah was the cutest lion you have ever seen....and, NO, I am not biased or kidding.  She really was the cutest lion you have ever seen.  Piper was a good witch.  My daughter, Megan, has a co-worker who gave Erica all kinds of costumes she made for her own daughter several years ago and in the bag was a very cute witch costume.  It had feathers on the hat and super-cute tights and it came with an orange and black tutu that was super-cute too!  I, personally, do not care for witchy stuff.  Let's just say that it does not give me that peaceful, easy that tune!  I saw a ton of kids from my school who were having a blast and I got to hug a few that have moved on to middle school but still knew me.  I must say that it does my old soul good to have kids hug me and tell their parents, "I know her.  She works at my school and she is so nice to me."  Makes me feel good!  Especially when I know doggone well that I am not always nice and that shows the sweet nature of children.  They don't care if I am not so nice sometimes.  They forgive me and hug me anyway.  I suppose that is what it means in the Bible that we need to become like little children.  If only we adults didn't take everything as such a personal insult and offense.  I digress.  I saw the cutest little boy of maybe 15 months old walking around as a vampire.  He was so tiny and so serious!  I saw ladybugs, lalaloopsey girls, fairies, zombies, super heroes of all kinds and a ton of other costumes.  While I will admit that Halloween is my least favorite holiday, I will admit that eating candy by the bucket-full is awesome.

Erica went as a Carolina Panther player.  Steve Smith to be exact and Blake just wore his hoodie from a local spook trail that he has to work at for the Sheriffs Department during the Halloween season.

See??  The cutest lion...ever.

My little treats for the year!

Sitting with sweet Aunt Megan.  She brought over a ton of candy for the girls to eat!

A rare photo of me with my sweeties.  I went dressed as a worn-out tired old granny!

Piper's bff Emma.  Also known as Sweet Cinderella.

Look at all the loot.  Candy for days!!

Savannah shoved a hershey bar in her mouth right away.

I love getting to spend time with my little grand daughters.  It really is the sweetest thing to watch them grow up and to have fun with them when I can.

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