my babies

my babies

Monday, November 11, 2013

Bridge over troubled....teeth??

I am an amazingly healthy woman.  I do not say that in any kind of bragging way at all.  I have no health issues other than menopause to deal with.  I have never had strep throat, bronchitis, the real flu, sinus infection, respiratory issues and only the occasional stomach virus or slight cold.  I am so, so blessed in the good health department.  My blood pressure is always good, cholesterol good, thyroid good.  I do kinda wish my thyroid was outta whack so I could claim the extra 15 pounds I carry is its fault instead of my fault!  The only issue I ever have is my teeth.  Today I had to have the 7th root canal of my adult life.  this one was a doozy too.  My endodontist (fancy word for super expensive dentist) had to break through my fairly new bridge that went over two teeth with the one that was lost in the middle due to a horizontal crack under the gumline from an old root canal.  That one was super-fun too.  The good teeth under this bridge were okay with only one of them having any prior dental work.  So for the past 18 months or so I have had a quickiness under this bridge.  I told my regular dentist at a cleaning and he recommended seeing the endodontist.  So off I went and he told me at that time it was probably nothing and I was just very sensitive to any foreign body in my mouth.  Yay for me.  So I plodded along and still had trouble with this bridgework.  I fussed once again when I went for a cleaning a while back and low and behold I was back at the old endodontist office and he told me that I was right all along.  there was definitely some kind of shadow at the back canal of my last molar under this bridge.  Great!  Whooopeee!!  I am super-pumped!!  Not.  So for a solid month I have had a temporary filling and had to eat on one side and not chewing gum or crunching candy.  So today I had the final visit for the actual root canal work.  Let's just say holding my mouth wide open with a big rubber sheet over my mouth while drowning underneath for and hour and a half is not my ideal way of spending a day off of school.  Excuse me waiter,  can I have some cheese with my whine, please???  I am so very thankful that I have such good health and the only issue I ever have are teeth issues.  Though, I do admit sometimes I would just like to pop my teeth out and drop them in a glass.  Hey, I can always eat ice teeth required!

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Ellen said...

I hope you are feeling better today!!