my babies

my babies

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Punkin time

Today I went with Blake, Erica, Piper and Savannah to the Pumpkin Patch for a photo shoot.  It was a cool and very windy day.  The girls so did not want to have their pictures all.  I took a zillion and I did get a few good ones.  Piper just wanted to find baby pumpkins and Savannah was thrilled to stand in the wagon and say, "I found you!"  We did have fun and the girls played in the corn teepee and picked out a little pumpkin to take home.  Autumn is such a wonderful time of year and I will probably take the girls back on another day and try to get some better pictures

Piper did like sitting on the big pumpkins!

Nobody wants to look at Mimi...or smile

Savannah just wanted to eat hay

This is most of the family shots went....oh well

Piper found her a pumpkin that she could carry.

Savannah did too!

Pretty sweet

Piper is growing up way too fast...sob...I'm crying

Mimi!!  I want to live in a corn has corn in it!

How most of the shots went...Piper looking at the ground and Savannah turning around

Finally...a good one!  They are so precious to me.  I just love them.

Savannah wanted in the wagon and Piper just wanted down.  Erica looks great though!

Hey Savannah....I found you!!!

Mimi, this wagon taste like candy....mmm - mmm

Mimi, come smell these pretty flowers.

We went home afterwards and ate some really good chicken and noodles that Erica made.  Perfect supper for a cool and windy day.

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