my babies

my babies

Monday, October 21, 2013

Once A Black Knight...

On Saturday night our local high school hosted an alumni football game against a rival high school in our county.  Players from my own graduating class played.  Some really old guys!  They got together a squad of alumni cheerleaders too.  My sister cheered in high school so she signed up to cheer.  Let's just say that i have some great blackmail material for later!  My own two daughters did not sign up to cheer.  Megan is now a teacher there and said she would hear too much smack from her students (ha-ha) and Erica said with two little ones to watch during the game she better not.  Her husband Blake played.  He was an awesome linebacker in high school and he did a really great job Saturday night.  I saw him take two tackles in the first quarter.  Our local high schools mascot is a Black Knight.  We take football, basketball, baseball, softball, wrestling, swimming and soccer pretty serious around here. I have told my grandbabies that when they get bigger they too will be Black Knights as i was and their parents and so forth.  People come out in droves to support our home team and I am proud of each kid that plays or cheers.  The students love the fan support and the local news always on Friday nights recaps local football games and say that no school turns out fans like the North Davidson Black Knight family does.  The proceeds to Saturdays alumni game went to the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Fund.  Great cause and I was so proud to see the pink shoes and socks the guys wore and the big pink hair bows in the  cheerleaders hair.  Of course the Black Knights won.Woo-hoo!  But Central Davidson Spartans fought hard.  They equally had many fans and all the money raised was for an awesome cause.  It was a lot of fun to see these guys play their hearts out and the girls to cheer them on....just like old times.  Poor Blake did say when it was over to Erica that he was sure outta shape and was glad he didn't have to run anymore that night.

Blake, Erica, Piper and Savannah before the fame.  Ready to play and win!!!

Becky and Brittany.  Ready to cheer the guys on!

Savannah was supporting her daddy with her #34 painted on her face.  She was great as long as you fed her!!

Both teams kneeling in prayer before the game.  So sweet and so touching that we still do this in our community.  This is a public high school too and we sure believe in prayer!

Sorry Spartans the sky was with us in a blaze of orange for the Black Knights!  Beautiful sunset.

Piper was screaming for her daddy on Aunt Kayla's shoulders.  Blake's mom, sister and grandpa came all the way from Wilmington, NC to watch the game.

Here go our boys out to the middle for the toss up.  Just like old times!

My funny son-in-law #34.  Pumping up the crowd like he did all four years he played in school.

We scored!!  the final score was a whopping 7 - 6.  Say yay for the old-timers!

My sister, Becky in the back...the worlds oldest cheerleader!

Blake is rocking the pink and black shoes and socks!

Even though life keeps on going I can say with confidence that my little corner of the world is dedicated.  Once a Black Knight you are always a ...Black Knight.

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