my babies

my babies

Thursday, October 3, 2013

I lost but still won!

We had our annual Harvest Fair last night at church for our community.  I bet 2000 people came!!  Such a great success.  This is an outreach that we do each year that is by far our biggest one.  It surpasses VBS, friend day, ladies hospitality banquet and our Sunday night concerts when we have them.  Many people from the community come that would in no other way come to church.  We offer hotdogs, chips, popcorn, cotton candy, cake walks and the famous "Chili Cook-Off and Dessert Bake-Offs" for our own church people.  When the judging is over and winners annouced we offer those to our guests as well.  Every single year I enter the contests.  Now you do not really win a prize other than having your name placed in the bulletin for the first three places in each event.  The first three years I won both events and I got a little spoiled.  Then I placed second in the chili after that for one year but for the last five years I have been a total loser!!!  This year a dear friend of mine who is evidently living under witness protection slipped me a sealed envelope one Sunday morning like she was paying for a mob hit.  She whispered through closed lips, "Hey, this recipe won the Texas National Chili Cook Off" for three years in a row.  It's awesome she said.  So I bit the bullet and made it.  I made my daddy sample it and he said it was great.  Very hot.  Now I do not like spicy hot foods so I just tasted the juice a little and Zowie!  It BURNED.  Winner, winner, chicken dinner!  Or so I thought.  When judging time came I knew I was a winner but was I ever wrong.  I did not even place.  Let's say Loo-hoo-hoo-ser all together now.  I was crushed.  My dessert did not place either.  So back to the drawing board I go and I guess I will try again next year.  But with all the people that came the whole night was a winner.  A winner for the Lord.  So even though I lost....we as the body of Christ...won.

Savannah wasn't feeling her best that night.  She has been cutting her eye teeth and she has had a hard time with those boogers.  Sweet baby!

Piper on the other hand had a blast.  Here she is going up the big slide.

If you look close you can tell she either needs to eat a cheeseburger or wear pants with an elastic waist band!!

Still climbing to the top.  She wasn't scared...but I was.

Almost there, Mimi!!!

Wheee!  I'm airborne.  At this point I almost threw up.  After watching one slide I grabbed Savannah and went back inside.  Too scary for this Mimi.

See, Mimi.  Safe landing.  Even if I am a little sideways.

Bff's going into the obstacle course.  Sweet Emma and Piper.  Such a fun night.

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