my babies

my babies

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Flurry of Activity!!!

This fall for me has been rolled all up in one word.....busy!!  I have never been so busy in all my life.  Every single day I either have somewhere to go, someplace to be or someone to attend...just something every single day.  Just this week I got together with five old classmates that turned into a 1:00 a.m. talk/cry/laugh-fest.  We all live live within 5 miles of each other and yet rarely get together.  This should not be, people.  The events that have fallen on us have been astounding.  Kelly is helping take care of her ailing father, just buried her mother-in-law and is awaiting the arrival of her first grandson.  Linda just buried her father and her oldest son just moved out of their home.  Angie just buried her mother, buried her sister and became a grandmother.  Lisa buried her daughter and the pain that goes with that is crippling.  Karla just buried her husband of 30 years.  I buried a 27 year marriage, gave my last daughter away to a wonderful man in marriage, had two precious grand daughters.  We had loads to talk about.  Loads.  Some of it was very sad and very heavy but mostly I can say we laughed.  And laughed.  Laughed until we cried at some points.  When we looked up it had somehow got to be one in the morning and we hugged, took down numbers and vowed to keep better in touch and not let tragedies pull us back together.  We have had revival at church which has been really good.  I have had three side photo shoot jobs that have worked out pretty good.  I am no pro but the people were pleased and the extra money is nice!  I tried a little photo to shoot with my favorite subjects yesterday but they put the un in uncooperative let me tell you.  Piper started by crying because she did not want to go home and take a nap.  Savannah did not want her sister to sit on the pumpkin and to say it went downhill from then on is a gross understatement.  Even my pumpkin rolled into the woods at one point.  At least that did force a smile out of my two little monkeys when I made their mama go get it!

As you can see Savannah is not happy that Piper gets to sit on the pumpkin.

Here is a little smile but Savannah refused to look my way.

I think Piper might enjoy the taunting a little too much!!

Even when Savannah got to sit on the pumpkin she was not so happy.

Here is mommy to the rescue!!

I titled this photo "Fall Fun".  Can't you just see the fun all over their faces???

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