my babies

my babies

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Festival Time

Today I went with a friend to North Wilkesboro, NC to the Brushy Mountain Apple Festival.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day for it.  The weather was bright, sunny and hot.  About 85 degrees!!  My kind of fall weather!!  I have lived in NC all my life and have never been to this particular festival.  It is a big one.  There were so many vendors I don't think we saw them all and the food!!!  Well, I could have ate myself silly.  The leaves have not turned too much yet but it looks like they will be so pretty.  I really do love the fall of the year.  There is so much to do all the time.  A different kind of festival every weekend and our local Dixie Classic Fair is here this week too.  Now there is terrific food.  A huge bonus is that on Wednesday night for a donation of five canned food items you get in the fair for free and you get to see Mandisa and Brandon Heath in concert...for free too!!  What's not to love about that??  I took a bunch of pictures today...take a look!

I was admiring this pottery from a craftsman that I actually went to high school with.  Dion Haynes, owner of Reedy Creek Pottery.  He was always the nicest guy and still is!!  Beautiful stuff.

I love this powder blue color.

Of course I bought a big ole bag of sweet kettle corn.  Freshly popped!

Here are some unique windchimes.  Old teapots and coffee pots with silverware dangling down.  Cute!

A young blacksmith learning and old craft.  I like seeing this kind of thing passed down.

Local people just playing instruments on the street.  We saw all kinds and they were all great.

The crowds got pretty thick at times.

This handmade butcher block my friend, Debbie, wanted very badly.  It was pretty expensive so she is saving her money for a show in the spring.  Such nice craftsmanship.

We parked by this darling little house.  I just loved it.  It had a great view of downtown.

The cutest side yard too.  Her flowers still looked great.

Another sweet house.  I love old Victorian style houses.

This one was so pretty too.  All nestled in the trees.

I love to visit the mountains of North Carolina.  I love the beaches too.  I must say, I think I live in the prettiest state in the union.  Proud to be a Tarheel!!!

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