my babies

my babies

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Current Events

This country has gone plumb crazy.  Between the crime, the government shutdown and the potential debt ceiling crisis and the rest of what is all over the news including "Obamacare".  Well, I could just scream.  A friend of mine got her new health insurance bill and it has doubled.  Doubled!!  We people who used to be middle class to upper middle class are now just plain old poor folks.  We are the majority of the working people in this country.  The non-working people just keep on living on the system.  Sorry if that sounds ugly but it is the truth...I work for the school system and I see it every single day. People who live like every one owes them a living....and they get by with it and it just kills me.  The rich who none of this really affects at all.  What some people do not understand is that when you shut down the businesses and industries that the rich own....well they are the ones that employ the rest.  Depression here we come!  On a local level of current events.  Fall is just blooming all around us.  there are festivals and fairs and all kinds of stuff going on around my community.  On a more personal level.  I had dinner Thursday night with some sweet and precious women I go to church with.  We had dinner, a devotional and a time of prayer and sharing.  So sweet.  It is just precious to me that as women we can gather together and share our hearts with one another with safety and comfort.  God heard our pleas and we will continue to lift one another up in prayer.  On a side note last night I had a sleep-over with my sweet grandbabies.  Their mommy and daddy went to Asheville, NC for their four year anniversary and I stayed at their house because it is just easier on Savannah to sleep in her bed.  Poor baby has an icky cold and felt pretty crummy but she still tried to play outside in the leaves.  They are just so sweet I can't stand it!  I took a few (ha!) photos of them playing in a big leaf pile that my daddy raked up for them.

Piper really likes to just roll all in the leaves.

Savannah was hiding behind them with my Mama's new puppy, Bella.  Savannah loves Bella!!

Piper rolling around and having such a fun time!!

Sweet Savannah.  Even with a cough and a runny nose she still smiles most of the time.

Mimi, we are so tired of taking pictures....please put the camera down!!!

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