my babies

my babies

Monday, October 14, 2013

County Fair Time

For the last ten days or so we have had the Dixie Classic Fair in town.  It is a big deal around here let me tell you.  Who can resist pig races, fried snicker bars, kettle corn, candy apples and cotton candy, rides galore, animals and everything else under the sun!!  Also we have Christian music night and this year the headliner was Mandisa and Brandon Heath.  I didn't go that night but I went yesterday after church with my daughter, son-in-law and my grandbabies.  We really had fun.  Poor Savannah was sooooo sleepy though and she has a cold so she was not up to her usual happy, smiley self but she was still a trooper.  Piper had a blast though!

Piper was waving at her mommy when she whizzed by.  So sweet!!

Thank goodness Piper wanted to ride in the round car on the merry go round.  My "ride" days are over! 

Here her daddy helped her win a big purple ball.

Savannah always has kisses for her daddy!

I was trying to sing my little Savannah to sleep.  Needless to say...I didn't.

Swinging high in the air.  I was cringing inside!

Savannah never feels too bad to not want to eat, though!!

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