my babies

my babies

Monday, September 23, 2013

On The Fly

I live by a routine.  I do everything the same time every day.  To put it in a word....boring.  Yep, I am pretty boring.  But listen...I like boring.  Vanilla is my favorite ice cream.  Now stay with me see, you can dress vanilla up or keep it plain.  In reality it is the basis for everything.  So this weekend my daughter and her husband were on vacation in Wilmington, NC.  Blake has family there and his grandparents just retired and are scouting for houses in Carolina Beach.  So they called me Friday and asked me to come down for the weekend.  I said no and then I thought, "Who do you have to answer to?"  I changed my mind and said, "You know what...I'm coming!"  Bam..on the fly I packed a couple of bags and jumped in my car and took off.  This was my first real trip that I have ever taken all by myself.  Now granted I was meeting up with family but I drove there by myself and I returned home by myself.  We had a really good time.  I got to spend time with my grand babies at the beach.  We stayed up late playing cards.  We ate and laughed and played.  Blakes' grandmother, Faye, is an amateur genealogist and she helped me and Erica discover family trees back into the early 1800's.  It was so interesting and right up Erica's alley.  She adores history and this made it even more exciting when you brought your own family into it.  I sang my head off to music I like all the way there and all the way back home.  I will 'fess up and say I had a mini meltdown once when i started feeling a little sorry for myself on the drive home.  But I think it was the combo of  "Rocky Mountain High", no sleep and no coffee that helped those tears along.  Adjusting to life alone is not that easy.  It is mostly peaceful compared to a life of turmoil and tension.  But still sometimes I just miss my girls and when they were little.  I suppose that is all a part of the empty nest too.  Life can be pretty boring but I will take that anytime.  I don't know if I will take some more impromptu trips in the future...I hope so!  I kinda like living life on the fly....sometimes.

Sweet Savannah.  She did not like the ocean very much.  It was so funny watching her turn around and run away from the waves.  But she did like the sand.

 Piper on the other hand loved the sand, water and especially the "bubble pool".  Which was the hot tub we nicknamed the warm tub.  It was so not hot!!

Two Pelicans swooping down for dinner.  they look like dinosaurs to me.

Blake and his little girls.  they just adore their daddy.  I am so glad too...he is a very good one!

 Goodbye beach!!  See you soon...I hope!

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