my babies

my babies

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Kissing Summer Goodbye!

Well, I am closing up my pool this week.  Cooler nights and school filled days equals out to no body is swimming.  Even though the days are still very warm when September rolls around I usually close up the pool.  Makes me so sad every year!  That is the first signal that summer has come to a close.  Now I do love the fall of the year.  Crisp air, all the colors, bright skies, pumpkin everything!  The fall season ushers in a slower lifestyle.  A winding down of sorts.  I start getting ready for more comfort meals.  Chicken stews, pot roast, soups and the fun festivals that come with fall.  County fairs, hay much fun!  Here are some photos I took at our last real pool day.  Savannah was napping through the first few but when she woke up I broke out the baby pool because all the grown ups were done swimming and she can't swim without one!!

Piper slurping a homemade popsicle for all its worth...

Hey Pipey, guess what??  What Mimi!  I think this is our last swim day...are you sad???

 No, I'm not sad...Can I still have popsicles Mimi??  Of course you can, sweetie-pie!

Then I'm good with closing the pool up for the year!

We still have a water hose and the baby poll...right??

I sure do girls...You can swim in the baby pool all fall long....if you can stand it!!!

Great Mimi, watch me do a swan dive...okay?  No, little diving yet.  You will knock off your sweet little ponytail.  I am sad another summer is gone by so fast but I am sure next summer will be here before I know it....probably sooner than I think!

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