my babies

my babies

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Weekend Round Up

This weekend was the last before school starts back tomorrow.  I am crying so hard I can't see straight!!  I love summertime and the freedoms that it gives.  Even though fall isn't for a few weeks it is already cool air night and the days have been very cool for August in the south.  The highs are in the low 80's..... I wanted some heat in these last few days!!  We celebrated this weekend my daddy's birthday and my new son-in-laws birthday too.

My sweet daddy was 72 on the 21st of August.  He is so funny and he is the smartest man I know.  He has helped me so much in the last few years I can never thank him enough.  That is what good daddies do though!

Brittany just loves Piper and Savannah.  Here she is toting Piper on her shoulders while we walked to the barn below my house.

Savannah loves Brittany animals are just not her thing.  See how her little legs are doing the monkey hold!!

Aaron and Brittany...two of my favorites!

Piper was helping Megan feed our neighbors animals.  She loves to help at the "farm".

This beauty named Coast was patiently waiting her turn for some sweet feed.

These little piggies are hungry!!  The pink one belongs to Megan.  His name is Woodrow.  I would name him pork chop sandwich!!

These two want something to eat too.  Goats are funny creatures to say the least!!

We had some leftover sparklers.  Piper loved them!

Savannah just loves cake!!

The sweet newlyweds!!  It was their two week anniversary!

My sweet girls....they are just wonderful to me!  Beautiful young women...inside and out.

What a blessing that family is to me.  I love all my "people" as Piper says.  God is just so good to me... all the time.

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