my babies

my babies

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Big Day

Whew!  It is over....finally.  My baby girl is married and is in Destin, Florida on her honeymoon.  To say Saturday was stressful is a humongo-ginormous understatement.  First of all it has rained almost every single day this summer.  And I mean rain!!!!!  We are living in a tropic zone.  So of course Megan wanted an outdoor reception and of course it rained.  Buckets and buckets of glorious rain.  My sweet friend Tracy had a wedding for her daughter in early July and their was a monsoon that day.  So rainy weddings are the new, hot trend this year.  Hope that one is one to go away.  The wedding was beautiful though.  Megan was a lovely bride and Thad was a handsome groom.  My older daughter, Erica, was the best matron of honor ever.  She took such good care of her sister.  They are very tight.  Piper and Savannah were just the cutest flower girls in the world.  To see my sweet little Savannah toddle up the church steps to the stage was so precious.  And every time the Pastor said, "Let us pray."  Piper dropped to her knees and folded her hands and said, "God is great, God is good."  So precious.  I took lots of photos of the getting ready time and at the reception but I took none of the wedding.  I actually hired a real professional for that.  Here are a "few" pictures I took.

The pew markers that my friend, Tracy, let me borrow.  I loved them!

At the rehearsal Thad's cousin Kevin showed up dressed for the show!

The pretty bridesmaids.  Brittany was doing some Savannah wrangling.

Piper and her bff, Emma, dancing at the rehearsal dinner.

Thad's cousin Bradley dancing with Savannah.

The sweet couple.  All ready for this wedding to be over!!!!!  They were so nervous.

Megan getting her face done.  She was so funny and all her nerves were gone.

Her friend Taylor doing her hair.  She is great at her job.

This was a look out of the choir rooms window.  The church has a field on that side and a farmer was getting up hay.....while the sun shined???  That was the storm that was coming....and it came to stay.

Piper all ready and waiting to carry her flowers.  She and Savannah were so cute.

Katheryn, Katelin and Jenna...Megan's guest registrar and program ladies.  Such good friends.

Piper and her bff, Emma, were so glad to see each other at the reception!!

The sweet couple.  Poor Megan's big updo had come washing down at this point!

Thad's nerves had disappeared and he was ready for some fun!!

They were dancing in the rain but they didn't care.

Piper loves to dance and there was just no getting her big dress off her and putting on her other dress.  She is a true little "southern belle".

Megan and her bridesmaids doing some line dance.  Thad is in there too.

Erica and her sweet hubby,  Blake.

It finally stopped raining so they could cut the cake.  It was super good too.  Vanilla cake with lemon buttercream...yummo.

Here are the William's.  Ready to go to Florida!!!

Piper changed speedy quick into her other dress and now she was ready  to dance the night away.

Piper and Emma partied all night!!!  They were trying to learn "The Electric Slide."

My beautiful girls...Erica, Megan and Brittany.  all married and grown up now.   Waaaahh!!

Thad's cousins could not resist fixing up the couples truck.

To say I cried was an understatement.  At the wedding Thad wrote and sang a song to Megan and I don't think there was a dry eye in the house.  I will post pictures later of the actual wedding.  I am so happy for my baby girl.  She is so happy too!!!

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