my babies

my babies

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Belated Birthday Party

Piper's third birthday fell on August 4th.  due to Megan's wedding and her bridesmaid luncheon was the day before we celebrated Piper's birthday this past weekend.  It was to be a Tinkerbell Party with a whole backyard water theme.  Of course, it rained.  I think it has rained   every.    single.   day.   this.   whole.   summer!!!!!!!  So needless to say, we moved the party to inside Erica and Blake's home.    Crowded, but lots of fun.  Piper didn't care.  She was so excited and all her little friends had a good time.

Piper has gotten very good at opening presents.

She is one of the few children I know who actually loves to get new clothes.  She was so sweet with all her gifts.

This was an awesome talking Cinderella doll that was really big.  She was so beautiful and Piper was thrilled with her.  Her great-grandpa gave her this and he picked it out all by himself!!  Good job Paw-Paw Robert!

Daddy and Mommy gave Piper her first little bicycle.  Hopefully the rain will stop for a few hours so she can ride it!

Savannah was just as happy as she could be with all the hulla-ba-loo going on around her.

Piper and a few of her little friends were playing dress up in her room and then proceeded to act out "Sleeping Beauties"

It is so hard to believe that Piper is three years old.  where has the time gone??  You are such a smart, sweet and funny little girl.  I just love you to pieces.  Watching you grow and develop into such a precious toddler has been wonderful.  I am so proud of you and how wonderfully your mommy and daddy have raised you.  I love that anytime you climb into my car the first thing you say is, "Can I hear my "joy, joy" songs, Mimi?"  You love church, vbs, singing and you are so sweet when you pray.  My prayer is that you come to know Jesus early in your life and you are on the right track.  I can already see that your little heart is so tender towards Him.  You are a great big sister to Savannah and you just love on her most of the time.  She certainly thinks you hung the moon!  You love to dress up, play princess, play with "little people", cooking, coloring and you love going to the library.  You are really liking ballet class and show me how to point your toes all the time.  You love the pool and love to be outside.  You are 36 1/2 inches tall and weigh 31 lbs.  Your vocabulary is huge and you are so easy to carry on a complete conversation with you.  Happy, happy birthday sweetie-pie.....your Mimi loves you!!

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Wenni Donna said...

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