my babies

my babies

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

tiny ballerina

Yesterday Piper took her first ballet class.  She has talked about ballet for a very long time.  She has danced tons of ballet dances for me and performed many impromptu recitals.  So to say she was excited is a total disclaimer.  She was pumped!!!

 Here are the three tiny dancers peering in the window waiting for the door to be opened.

Piper was so cute in her new ballet tights, leotard and ballet shoes.  All right off the shelf of our local Wal-mart.  Who knew they featured items from the fine arts???

Still waiting on the bench outside for their class time to start.

Already at the barre doing plies' and first position, second position and so on....

Not so sure what this position is but I see it required the ballet shoes to come off.

I don't know if I can lift my leg to the barre, Mimi....

Ballet is not for me yet....I like paci's, and goldfish too much!

Sometimes playing with my daddy is the most fun!!

Piper did really well for her first time.  She learned alot and this will only teach her discipline and self-control. If she turns out to be a real ballerina...Yay!!  But if not, I will cheer like a madwoman at all her recitals like she just performed Swan Lake at Carnegie Hall.

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