my babies

my babies

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

There is light at the end of this....mess???

The countdown is on.  We are less than a month away from my daughters' wedding.  We are scurrying to finish up the last details.  The only thing left to do besides send in the final head count to the caterer is to have the programs printed.  To say I am frazzled, worn, anxious and a wreck is a humongous-ginormous-super-de-duperdy big understatement.  Take a look at my dining room.

This is a combination of shower gifts - slash- wedding - slash - reception decorations and centerpieces.

Needless to say...we cannot eat in here....

Maybe not ever again....

When this is all over and after I have a good long cry.  I am going to repaint and redecorate this room.  It might look the same though since as of today I have no memory of what it looked like.

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Tracy said...

Two weeks later and my dining room table still can't be seen..My goal is this week...You will have to recover first.