my babies

my babies

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer = Water, Around Here

This summer so far has been really fun.  For the little girls birthday they got a great water slide.  Blake brought  it over to the house so Piper, Savannah and some of their friends could play.  I have a really big yard with not a lot of trees and most of it is really flat so it is a perfect place to set this thing up.  So fun!!

Piper has no fear at all she climbed right on up and just flew down the slide.

Watch her climb!  She just knew what to do when her daddy told her, Green holes for feet and orange handles to pull up."  Such a smart girl.

C'mon Savannah...the water is nice.  You'll like it, I promise....

No, no, no Piper...I do not like water out of that is c-o-l-d!!!!!

This was the funniest shot of the day.  She looks like she was hurt but she came down lickety-split and went again.

Okay, okay everyone...I'm coming up.  Maybe.....

Swimming with Aunt Meg.  I am so glad and thankful to have a pool.  It is the most fun.

At least for most of us!!  Poor Savannah.  She is just like her Mimi...she likes her pool water hot...not one degree below 84.

Savannah you are totally missing out.  This is the best the ever.

See...I'm flying, I'm flying!!

Uh...that's okay sissy....I like it right the baby pool that Mimi puts water from the house in that is like my bath water.  you can fly all day long.

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