my babies

my babies

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Full Days

With Megan's wedding date approaching fast (too fast) each and every day is just full of activity.  This weekend she and her bridesmaids went to one of the girls family mountain house in Virginia.  They are going tubing down the New River, playing games that they took with them and essentially having good, old-fashioned fun.  I am just so proud of them and their choices in this "party like a rockstar" generation that is all you see on tv and the like.

Casey, Suzanne, Jenna, Megan, Kathryn, Brittany and Erica

Megan has six bridesmaids and three attendants who will pass out programs and register guests.  Mariah and Anna could not make this trip and Katelin was already at her families mountain house waiting on them.  We got Megan's bridal portraits back this week and even though I am very biased she will make a beautiful bride.  Her dress is just gorgeous on her.  Thad is really a very lucky guy.....I think he knows!  Megan on the other hand is a very lucky girl....I think she knows too.

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