my babies

my babies

Saturday, June 29, 2013

What has been going on....

This summer is flying by.  Way too fast if I say so!  I have been having so much fun with my precious grandaughters and with my own daughters.  We have just been playing, swimming and spending a ton of time together.  We are still very busy with Megan's wedding that is coming up way too fast too!!  Megan and Thad have been finishing up small things on their house that are tedious and time consuming.  But it will be done and ready to move in right before their wedding.  Thad said he might move in a few days before they get married to have some peace and quiet before Meg comes stormin' in!!  Ha-ha....very funny Thad.  If you know Thad you know that he is very loud and very noisy!!  But so is my Megan.  They will for sure have a very noisy but happy home.  I have had some awesome experiences too this summer.  I got to sit with my dear friend Kelley while her husband was undergoing surgery for cancer.  The doctors got it all and Billy is recovering well.  Just being with my friend and helping her pass the time was just precious.  Sometimes just being with someone is all you need to get through something.  She and I are definite people watchers and while you wait for hours at a see some sights!  I also got the most awesome priviledge in the world to photograph the birth of a precious baby.  I have some sweet young friends at church who allowed me to stay with them through the whole labor and delivery of their sweet baby boy.  The daddy in this case is my dear friend Angie's son.  To welcome this baby into the world with one of my "sisters" was amazing.  Natalie, the mommy, was a super rockstar through the whole thing.  Birthing is not for babies....enough said.

This is the sweet and all smiles mommy, Natalie.  She is such a Godly, precious woman.

Our Pastors came by to pray with the family.  I love the two grandmothers with arms around each other.

Things were getting a little more intense

Childbirth is so heart-wrenching and beautiful to me.  The anguish is just unreal but just part of the joy of being a mommy.

I absolutely love this shot...pure joy on one face and such strength on the other!

All for this...sweet Caleb Noah...7 lbs 6 oz of pure love

The precious new family.  Look at the joy on Natalie's face now....pain???  All gone.

My dear "sister" that is pure love in her arms!!!

This was for sure one the best days of my life.  To share this with people so dear to me was such a joy and honor.

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