my babies

my babies

Monday, June 3, 2013


Megan had her very first bridal shower yesterday.  Thad's Aunt Joyce gave it to her at their church.  She had a very good turnout from sweet church ladies and from Thad's dads side of the family.  When Megan went to register she at first was reluctant to register at anywhere but Bed, Bath and Beyond because let's face it....they have everything.  But I told her that if she wanted good gifts from dear sweet little old ladies she needs to register at Belk.  The southern staple.  Sure enough 90% of her gifts came from Belk.  I love that store and if that makes me an old lady well give me the Tuesday 15% percent discount!!  Women of my generation and the one above me really do know how and where to shop for quality, nice wedding gifts.  I love looking at registries and picking from them and ooohhhing and aaahhhing over their china pattern and their everyday dish patterns and their pots and pans and towels and all that super great stuff!!  Makes me wish I was getting married (ha-ha).  Joyce and her two daughters Annette and Anita were so very sweet to do this for Megan and Thad.  Megan is marrying into a really great family.

Hey Mimi...Is there cake??

 Annette, Megan, Joyce and Anita at the shower.  Such sweet ladies!

Megan and Thad.  He was very shy about coming into a bunch of women!

Sweet Piper was a big helper to Megan.  She was very good and bow picking up and unwrapping!  Megan's dear friend Suzanne helped her out too.

The future Mrs. Williams with their welcome mat for their new front porch.

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