my babies

my babies

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fun Days

Yesterday I went to the NC Zoo in Asheboro, NC.  I went with Blake, Erica, Piper and Savannah.  It is a fabulous zoo and we had a great time.  Savannah was so good and she never fussed one time at spending the majority of 7 hours either in a car seat or a stroller.  She is such a sweet, sweet baby!  Piper had a wonderful time looking at all the "aminals".  I gave her Erica's binoculars from when she was a child.  Being a "hoarder" I never, ever throw anything good out and voila....Piper loved them and looked through them all day long.  Watching her see animals up close and personal was so fun.  She was so impressed with the zoo and talked about everything she saw all day.  The ladybug playground was a huge hit too and she asked about 2103 times to go back to the "Wadybug Pwaygwound"  She really did have a good time.  Looking at things I see all the time with the eyes of a 2 year old is very refreshing.  New discoveries, new things, same old things with young eyes is very important to grandparents.  Or at least it should be.  Watching her just makes my heart swell with love and appreciation of the world we have.  God is just so good to us.  He gave us beautiful creatures, plants, flowers and a bazillion other things we look at all the time but never really see.  Piper commented on things like turtle necks.  Really??  Who looks at the differences in turtle necks.  Two year olds do, that's who.  I watch birds and butterflies everyday but do I really appreciate their beauty?  No, I have gotten used to them.  Used to everything.  Lord, help me "see" the beauty of this world...again.

Piper hitching a ride on a bronze chimp!

The whole family...Piper would not stop looking through her "beenockulars"

Buckled up, sunscreened up, snacks ready, juice cups full...we are ready!

Piper looking at an alligator.  She was just so cute I could not stand it!

Riding a ladybug at the Ladybug Playground

Savannah standing by the giant spiderweb.  She was so good and so sweet!!

Piper riding the animal carousel.  She chose the alligator and said he was very nice.

No thanks, Mimi....I'll stick with cruising in the stroller.

I did get some pretty nice shots of many of the animals at the zoo.  During the heat of the day most of them are sleeping.  We saw most everything but the bison.  They were moved to another are for field maintenance.  Whatever that means!!

The Mountain Lion.  This guy was huge.  I can see why they could kill a man with a single bite or swipe of their paw.  But they are just so beautiful.  Piper said, "Awww, look at the sweet kitty."

These turtles were eating their lunch of Caesar Salad.  Complete with Parmesan cheese and dressing!!

Some of the gorgeous flowers in the bird aviary.  These are some kind of tropical flowers that were so pretty.

The big male gorilla.  He is just waiting for the zookeeper above his head to toss him some apples and cabbage.

This is a white rhino.  They are really big....and kind of scary looking to me.

Well,  here is old Mufasa.  Lions are so majestic looking even while taking a cat-nap!

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