my babies

my babies

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It is just born in them!

My precious grandbabies came over yesterday.  Since such sad news of the death of a friends newborn was just raw and emotional for us I just had to squeeze and love on them extra hard.  Savannah is just the best cuddler in the world too.  Even Miss SassyPants asked me to sit with her and snuggled up to me extra close.  Oh, how I love me some babies!  We went outside and I let Savannah crawl around in the grass.  She found a dandelion and tried to pick it.  Funny how little girls just know that flowers should be picked.

Try number one.  No flower, just a blade of grass.

Try number two....a petal and some leaf bits.  No real flower....yet

Let's try at a different angle.  Savannah was very determined to get a hold of this pretty flower.

Oh boy!!  I think I got a hold of it Mimi!!  Just a little tug....

Yay!!  I got it, I got it!1  Now what??  Well, guess what...yes, she stuck it in her mouth!

When we went back in the house I let Piper try on her dress that she will wear in Megan's wedding later this summer.  Savannah and Piper are flower girls and they are going to be the sweetest things ever in these matching tutu dresses....take a look

Piper absolutely loved her dress.  She didn't want to take it off.  Most little girls love dress-up too.  And the fancier the least in Piper's world.

A look at the back.....ignore the pink hairbow and the pitiful tied bow I did.

After a look in the mirror Piper declared she needed some "jooolreee, Mimi"

I just love these little girls to pieces.  Each day I just thank God for them....especially today

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Tracy said...

Oh my goodness, I love the dresses, You are a great photographer.....