my babies

my babies

Monday, May 27, 2013

Already One????

On Saturday Savannah turned one year old.  How can that be???  This has been the fastest year ever.  She had a great party with a beautiful day.  Savannah you are the sweetest most cuddly baby ever.  You weigh almost 24 lbs and are a little over 30 inches tall.  You are a very big girl and you LOVE to eat!  You have just 3 teeth with several almost pushing through.  You crawl lightning fast and will stand up on your own and cruise around and push anything to walk but have not taken that first brave step yet.  You light up when you see your Aunt Megan....I think she is your favorite!  I love you and pray daily for you.  I pray that God keeps you safe and draws you to Him at an early age and that you keep to His ways.  You are my most favorite one year old sweet baby....

Here are some shots from the day....

Getting ready for my party, Mimi

A sweet picture with mommy and daddy

Opening presents with Savannah

Can I have some cake now....PLEASE???

Now were talkin'

Have I told you that I love cake???  Well, I do...alot.

Nothing like a quick bath in the kitchen sink

Don't worry Mr. Frog...I did not forget my photo shoot with you.  Am I pretty yet???

Look how big my foot is Mr. Frog!

I can even pull my socks off Mr. Frog...wanna see??

See how fast I can kick...You should see me when I throw a fit.  I am really fast then!

This is what I think of these monthly photo shoots, Mimi.  Is this the last one???

Here is a short video of Savannah chowing down on her birthday cupcake.  Please ignore all the conversations that we forget are getting recorded!!  Happy Happy Day Sweetie-Pie!

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