my babies

my babies

Friday, April 19, 2013

Fun Outside

I adore the outdoors.  I would stay outside all spring and summer long.  I love to plant flowers, swim, read outside, eat outside...just be outside.  I am thrilled that both my girls like the outdoors too.  They always liked playing in the dirt, the woods, the creek, the pool etc...  Now, my sweet, sweet grandbabies love to be outside too!!  Piper wants to go out all the time and so does Savannah.  I am just so glad!!  I never was a fan of what I like to call a "house-mouse" kid.

Nothing is more fun than just a bucket of water!  Don't worry...both her mommy and I were right there so there was no danger of Savannah diving head first in the bucket!!

Painting some concrete walls with water and a paintbrush kept my girls occupied for a long time when they were little!!  Piper too!

Can I paint too, Piper??!!  Can I ????

I only have one brush Savannah so you can have a turn another day....when you can walk from the bucket to the wall...okay??!!!!

Summer is coming and I can't wait to have some outside fun with these two sweetie-pies!!

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