my babies

my babies

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Eleven Months Old

Savannah you are officially Eleven Months Old!!  How can this be??  You are the cuddliest baby ever, that is for sure.  I love holding you and watching your sweet face light up.  You were so funny for our "photo shoot" yesterday.  

Mimi, I don't like to be still very long....what's up?

Mr. Frog!!!  Where ya been?  I have missed you so much!

What do you mean you don't want a picture with me??  Don't threaten me buddy...Got it!

I will stomp you with my legs of steel and then I will chew on you and toss you in the floor.

Not really, Mr. Frog....come here....I really love you

See what a sweetie I can be!  

Savannah you still have just 2 teeth and you crawl like a madwoman all over the house.  You pull up and walk around stuff so it won't be long before you take off.  You weigh 22 lbs and your favorite thing to do is eat!!  You love your sister and your mommy and daddy.  You can say Mama, Daddy, Piper and you can nod your head to questions which is hilarious.  I love you little butterbean!!!

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