my babies

my babies

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Sweetness Of God

I am a very routined woman.  You can practically set your watch by the order of the things I do in the morning.  But as of late I do not sleep much.  I wake up earlier and earlier everyday.  Today it was 3:57 a.m.  Yay for menopause!!  Anyway, yesterday morning I got up earlier and I got ready and did all my normal things so when I sat down at the kitchen table for my morning devotional time I knew I had extra time to read and study.  The house was quiet and I was essentially alone with God...and coffee.  I love reading the daily selections in "Our Daily Bread".  They are always so touching and cut straight to the point.  I picked mine up and turned the page to Wednesday.  I keep the little book in my Bible and it fell open to the day I needed.  Wednesday.  The title of that day was "The Trail of Tears".  It went on to describe the horrible treatment of the Cherokee nation by the US government.  So sad.  But the point of the story was that God sees our hurts.  Our trials.  Our secret pains.  When I read it and the scripture reference which was in Revelation where God (Himself) will wipe away my tears.  There will be no more pain, heartache, hurt feelings.  And that is just what had feelings had gotten hurt.  On Sunday I spoke with a family member who promised to do something for me on Monday.  I t was a wonderful offer and I was so grateful for it.  I went to work Monday, had a quick after school appointment and came on home.  When I got home the favor had not been done as promised.  I was so upset because I knew.  Sometimes you just know?  That I had been forgotten.  And it hurt....badly.  So I did the task myself and I pitied myself quite a bit.  When i was finished I even cried and said out loud, "God does anyone ever think about me???"  How pitiful (and selfish) is that.  Well the day went on and so did the next day.  I then asked my family member if they had forgot about what they promised and they smiled and said they sure did...sorry 'bout that! Well that hurt too!!  So to read that devotional yesterday morning was like a hug from God.  He saw.  He watched and He remembers.  He will never forget me no matter what.  After I read this I just wept with all kinds of emotions but with such a thankful heart.  I moved my Bible and then the little daily bread book fell out.  the new one that started in March.  I looked at the one I was holding and it was from last quarter.  I thought I had gotten rid of it since I picked up the new one.  I have even been reading the new one.  But God had placed this one in the right spot and left it folded to the right day of the week.  I usually don't look at the date just the day.  The date was December 12, 2012.  I will keep that page in my Bible as a reminder that God does see me.  Hear me.  Love me....and one day there will be no more tears.


Tracy said...

Pretty cool to really feel him, this rollercoaster ride we are on is better from the seat than from down below watching.

Kelley said...

Hey December 12 is Rylie Bug's birthday... Enough said