my babies

my babies

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ten Months Old

Yesterday Savannah you turned ten months old.  Where has the time gone???  You are the funniest, sweetest baby ever.  You might be a little "sensitive" and a tad bit of a "diva" but I think you just like what you like and know what you want!  Nothing wrong with that!!  You are starting to cruise around things but you will not let go of what ever you are holding onto.  You crawl super fast though!  You like to play with balls, babies, your and Piper's play kitchen stuff, and blocks.  You do not particularly like to be read to but you do like to chew on books.  You really like magic wands too!  You are still a cuddle bug and are the best baby to snuggle.  Your eyes are getting bluer each day.  You still just have two teeth but you really eat most everything really well.  Speaking of eating....that is your favorite thing to do!!  You are a great eater.  so far the only thing you have ever shown any dislike for was broccoli and cheese.  You can wave bye-bye, clap your hands on command, say uh-oh and mimic funny faces pretty good.  You dance whenever you hear music and your really like things that make noise.  You love your sister to pieces and the feeling is mutual.  I hope the two of you grow up to be as close as your mommy and her sister are.  You are just a bright beam of sunshine in my life sweet Savannah!

Oh Boy!  Here is my favorite ball.

I think I will throw it to Mr. Frog.  Catch Mr. Frog!!  what??  Picture time....but I am super busy...

There...I smiled and you can see how big I am getting beside Mr. Frog...Is that enough Mimi??

What??  I don't want to do a long photo session...Please let me down to play....please!!!!

If you don't I will pitch a fit and cry and scream and kick and holler and all that stuff!!!

Then I will jump outta this chair and run away and cry some more and kick some more and scream louder....

Is it working, Mr. Frog???  Has she put down that camera yet???

Oh well, I guess a snack cures most temper tantrums!!  Or at least puts them off for a few minutes!!

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