my babies

my babies

Monday, March 18, 2013

rantings of a menopausal, frustrated woman

For the last several weeks I have been in a state of pure frenzy/adhd and menopause that has been to say the least....excruciating!!!!  I don't hardly sleep.  I am hot as a firecracker.  Not in the good way either.  I am gaining weight as I type.  I am ill as a hornet.  Such a pleasant female to be around I am sure.  If I wasn't already divorced I would be filing for it today!!!  One of the things that gets me super-riled up are what I affectionately call "System Workers".  You know the type....they live off the system through either welfare, child support from their children's father(s) that they were never married to and a whole host of other government supported agencies that my tax dollars support.  I on the other hand work very, very hard for a living and live month to month and never catch a break.  It drives me nuts.  I pay my bills on time, do not have an iphone nor do I drip in gold jewelry nor do I drive a brand new car.  I keep up my car insurance, my drivers' license and now I find out that my premium just went up to cover uninsured drivers.  What???  It never fails that when I am at the grocery store I am behind people that are using food stamps and yet have on designer clothes and are putting their name brand items in the back of their gas-sucking, new SUV's.  I also do not understand how they get all this money back in tax returns when I have had to pay for the last 25 years of my life???  I pay my taxes too....on time!  I raised my own children and did without at times so that I could save money.  I taught them at home to avoid preschool and seemed to have raised well-rounded, working, tax-paying citizens.  I did not have daycare vouchers, free preschool nor did I fake handicaps for my children so they could go to public school preschool for free.  I have a rickety old cell phone (not an Obama phone) that I use and pay an astronomical fee for and don't even have a data plan.  I pay for my health insurance and I still get charged a fortune for doctor visits when the lady in front of me hollers to the sweet receptionist, "Y'all can just send me a bill...I ain't got no money."  Then she walks out of the door.  Then for some reason I am asked to pay my co-pay upfront before I am forced to wait 45 minutes past my appointment time.  This country is in real trouble.  Not just financially but morally.  People are just out of control with their lifestyles and their choices and their habits.  Crime is horrendous.  Pretty soon there will be no more crimes just diseases that need to be treated by our tax payers at no cost to these criminals!  Good grief.....I am going to go take a nap and take some extra estrogen....I need it!!

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Tracy said...

Preach it sister!!!!!!