my babies

my babies

Monday, March 4, 2013

Not Impressed

Last night I hurried home from church so I could watch "The Bible" on the History Channel.  I have read several reviews and many friends were going to watch because there has been a lot of talk about how good it was going to be.  Well, I was not impressed at all.  Neither was my friend Kelley.  We texted throughout the whole show.  The problems I had with the show were from funny ones to some that were serious issues. First of all, who knew all this time that Noah was Scottish???  The accent was hilarious considering the girl who portrayed one of his daughters in law was of middle eastern accent.  Speaking of accents, the whole show was either in British or at the very least Eastern European accents.  But in their defense I suppose hearing Moses yell, "Hey y'all come on up here to this here mountain top and hep me these ding-dang rocks!"  Nope, that would not have cut it either.  But when  this show is lined up against the actual scripture it fell short.  Just a few things:

The Israelites crossed over the Red Sea on dry land.  Not through dark rain from the sides of the water being held back.

Where was the Glory of God shining on Moses' face when he came down from the mountain???  This Moses at best looked half crazy most of the time and was not very humble at all.

Salmon and Caleb (the 2 spies Joshua sent) did not fight their way into or out of Jericho.  When they left Rahabs' they hid for three days and were not found out.

Speaking of fighting ...Those two angels in the beginning with Abraham were hilarious.  First of all the real Angels did not do any kind of Bruce Lee or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon moves in the Bible.

There were several other little discrepancies in the illustrations but all in all...not impressed.  But what did I expect from Hollywood.  They seem to feel the need to add drama and effects to everything.  Funny thing is the Bible is chock full of drama, violence and all kinds of behavior.  God hides none of his followers faults.  He uses the broken and the fallen....even to this day.

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