my babies

my babies

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rebuilding A House

Thad and Megan will be getting married later this summer and are right now in the throes of planning a wedding, working jobs, going to school (Megan) and rebuilding a very old house.  Thad's great-grandfathers old house to be exact.  I have been going over there from time to time to take some photos as kind of a before and after type album.  We went a little over a week ago to look at the progress so far.  It is amazing at all they have gotten done to this house.

Thad leading Piper up the stairs to the bonus room.  She loves her soon to be Uncle Thad.

A long shot of the future bonus room.  It is really going to be huge.  I told them a sweet set of quadruplets would look nice up here!!!

This is going to be the metal roof color and the siding color that they have picked out.  Super nice, I think.

Megan's bath tub I got her for Christmas.  I think she will love her bathroom when it is all finished.  They have a wonderful plan for the design.  I can't wait to see it!

Piper wandering from room to room with Amber, the faithful hound, following after her.

Looking out a window at the view.

Looking down a hole in the floor where an addition has been added.  Piper really likes checking all this construction out.

Savannah?  Not so much.  She was cold and could care less about rooms, tubs, views or roofs.

Former living room that will now be the master bedroom.  Everyone loves the big windows that are in this room.

Please Uncle Thad!!  I want to go see something else.  How about some animals?

Check out Megan and Thad's cows!  How do like those animals Savannah???

Or some foxhound puppies??  Aren't they the cutest things??

This sweet couple is two of my most favorite people in the world.  They are just precious to me!!

View from the back where the garage is being added.  Rebuilding takes a ton of work.  Thad's uncle and two cousins are contractors and the are doing the re-building.  They are super talented guys and are sweet as they can be too.  I know they will do an awesome job.  Soon Megan and Thad will not just have a house...they will have a home!

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Son Lakhani said...

Wow! The place is really big. The idea of rebuilding the house instead of buying a new one is fantastic. Isn’t it nice to live in the same house as your great grandparents? How is the rebuilding going so far? By the way, congratulations in advance to Megan and Thad!

Son Lakhani