my babies

my babies

Monday, February 25, 2013

Nine Months Old...

Savannah you are nine months old today!!!  You had a check up and also got a shot.  Ouch!!  You are 28 inches long and weigh 20 pounds and 4 ounces!!  You are a super healthy baby!  You are crawling everywhere and starting to pull up on stuff.  You love eating and eat just about everything.  Your daddy and mommy have two very good eaters.  Not a picky one in sight!  You are the cuddliest baby in the world.  You love snuggling and you hug so good!  Such a little sweetie.  You are a great sleeper too.  You have some cranky moments but for the most part you are so sweet.  You are still brown headed and have the biggest blue eyes ever.  Still just two teeth but a couple more are working their way through.  I just love you to pieces and can't get enough of you!!

What Mimi?  Time for my photo shoot you say??

Will Mr. Frog ever turn into a real Prince??  He just isn't the guy for me I think.

What???  I need to kiss him and see if he turns into a prince!!  That is just silly, Mimi!

I think I have just the thing to help me turn him into a prince.  Help me down and I will fix him right up!

Every Princess needs a magic wand...that will fix anything!

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