my babies

my babies

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Finally....The Sun!!

It has been the longest, wettest winter that I can remember.  Not super duper cold but goodness have we had the rain.  My yard is just soppy.  It has also been so cloudy.  Even on days that the rain has held off....clouds.  Yucky gray clouds too.  But today the sun came out.  It was 58 degrees but the wind was cool and whipping a little.  But after lunch we went outside for a bit.  I really think it does everyone good to be outside.  So off to the yard we went.

Just last fall Piper was afraid to climb the ladder part of her slide.  Today she zipped right up.  No questions asked.

See, Mimi...I can do it...myself!  She is getting to be Miss Independent.  Growing up way too fast.

Savannah loves to swing.  She liked going high too.  She even started kicking her legs when the swing slowed down.

Smelling the first daffodils of the season.  Spring cannot be far away!!!

I love playing outside with these sweet girls!!  So fun!

Can I eat this Mimi??  I haven't had a snack in thirty minutes!!!

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