my babies

my babies

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cousin Love

Tonight my former sister in law,Mary, and former mother in law came over and brought  Mary's new baby over for us to see.  She is so precious!!!  Mary has two girls.  Macy is 16 months and Emmy is just 6 weeks old.  We lined them all up on the couch and tried (HA-HA) to get a decent photo.  After 30 shots I gave up.  They were too funny and so not ready for any kind of photo shoot.  Take a look...

Emmy is falling over, Savannah is confused, Macy is ready to go and Piper refused to take off a headband that was on backwards.

Mimi!!  I am blinded by the flash!!  Only Macy was looking this time.

We called this one, "Raising The Roof".  I am thinking of making this my Christmas card this year!!

Holy Cow!!  They are done for the night!!

Mimi!!  I am DONE...quit with the flashing already!!

Only these two cooperated somewhat.  Piper loves babies and this was just too sweet!

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