my babies

my babies

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My All-Time, Favorite Song Ever!

I have said many times that my favorite song is such and such.  But for the record my all time favorite song in the whole wide world is,  

"Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing"

I have told my friends I want this song sung at my funeral (so morbid!!) and if I ever marry again I would like it sung at my wedding ceremony.  It is just so beautiful to me and it truly describes my walk with Christ and describes even better....His walk with me!  This is a version I found on Pinterst and I adore it.  Sit back and just listen.  Let the words wrap you in the Father's love.  Are you wandering?  Have you left the God you love??  He will take your heart and seal it, beloved...seal it to the courts above.  How beautiful this song is.  I just love it.

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